Christmas Isn't Christmas Without...Stockings

I'm about to scare the pants off you, Dear Reader. Traditionally I write a Christmas post venting my hatred for the season, and my deep-seated desire to hide from it. Well, this year I'm gonna do something different:
I'm going to celebrate the season

Because, the truth is, there are many things I love about Christmas; and I'm going to focus on that this year, instead of snarling my way through the month. 

Thus, I present to you a list: Christmas Isn't Christmas Without...

My intention is to think of one thing, per day, of something little, or big, that makes the holiday that much more special. I would love for my readers (all 8 of you) to chime in and let me know what traditions you just couldn't do without.

I am slowly teaching my husband the way of Christmas Stockings. They are for "Santa" to stuff with silly little things like wind-up toys, socks, expensive chocolates, & clementines. A Christmas morning not spent in my pajamas rummaging through my loot, with a glass of Buck's Fizz is not one I want to live through.

Great stocking stuffers include:
-facial hair paraphernalia (for the guys)
And don't even think you can get away without putting in some juicy clementines and chocolates. The Grabowskas tend to look forward to one of those chocolate oranges in their stockings.

Then my sister puts us to shame by only eating one slice. I usually eat half of it in 30 minutes because, chocolate. 


  1. I'll have to find photo of you in your crib your first Christmas with a wee stocking with a chocolate R sticking out of it. You had no teeth so Kirsty and I had to help you consume it.


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