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Yes, All Women

Tonight was a really nice night; a perfect temperature as I walk the dog before heading to bed. My Saturday was productive and not the usual horizontal Netflix binge I've been known to indulge in. Today was one spent with friends. First at brunch, and then a very pleasant and delicious dinner with my best friend. She's getting married in a month, and her parents invited me to have supper with them and their pastor. It was delicious, and good conversation provided that extra relish that makes a dinner party just so much more pleasant.
I'm buoyant as I watch Chico trot ahead of me in the gloaming. We approach the park and I hear the shouts and exclamations from the basketball court, the tapping of the ball hitting the pavement and the jungle of the chain link fence.
A car slows down next to me.
"You gonna walk me next?" A face leers out of the driver's window and the car creeps along keeping pace with me.
I don't respond, though I can feel my nostrils flar…

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