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There are things I am sick of hearing, like "being united," or "coming together," or "won't give in," and facing things with "strength and dignity." Likewise, I am sick of seeing banners urging me to "pray," or that this community is " Strong." I lose all sense of rational thought when I see ribbons fluttering in the wind on a chain link fence and clusters of people shifting their weight from one foot to another, rubbing their hands over their eyes, completely opened and emptied as emotion literally pours out of them. Candles and teddy bears sharing the pavement with flowers and pictures make me so angry.

I hope you understand me.

Grief is natural, and expressing it is healthy and necessary. But what we're going through is abuse; it's a plague, and I am worn down by the words that come from our places of power. Wait; no I'm not.

Every time a politician sends "condolences" to a community ravaged by gun v…

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