Christmas Isn't Christmas Without.... A Christmas Day Walk

In the course of writing this series my mother has shared a memory with me about once a week: when we three Grabowskas were in in Nagarkot, Nepal strolling about, and a man with nutmeg skin cheerfully wished us a Merry Christmas. In her memory this is the primordial beginnings of a Christmas tradition fur parents around the world will be familiar with.
My sister has also frequently mentioned to me that Christmas Isn't Christmas Without a Special Walk. This is mostly for the dogs in our lives; a special present to them that comes without wrapping or a price tag. So I have saved the best for last.

My main memory of this walk on the 25th is after breakfast in Calgary, with Paxil the Old English Sheepdog in the backseat of Kirsty's BMW, going berserk as I tried to wish Dan a merry Christmas on the phone next to him. The day was a Calgary classic: Crisp with blue skies and the sunshine that bounced off the packed snow. Paxil knew where we were headed, and once we got to the dog park, he bounded out of the car, ready to chase any ball that happened to be thrown. We definitely went for Pax, but I'd be lying if I said us bipeds got nothing out of it. There was the "merry Christmases" to be exchanged with other dog owners; laughing with them as the furry beasts romped, and then chasing after the dog as he made a daring escape with another dog's ball.Image result for dog park calgary winter

Of course, you don't have to have a dog to enjoy a five minute constitutional on Christmas day. It's pleasant enough among some trees, with chickadees croaking, and the crunch of your boots on the gravel. The best times are after breakfast and before the cooking of the main meal. Go by yourself, if you must (which, actually, sounds very pleasant), and enjoy the magic, and bounty of the world on Christmas day.

I want to thank all my readers for joining me on the impromptu advent calendar; this has been a really pleasant and joyful experiment for me, and I'm deeply grateful that you not only stuck it out with me but offered positive encouragement and praise. Looking forward to trying this again next year, without skipping any days (fingers crossed!)


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