Christmas Isn't Christmas Without... A Special Christmas Breakfast

This morning Dan and I got up around 9:30 am. He got busy brewing coffee and then began frying scallops and bacon. A chocolate banana bread pudding that my cousins had given us last night was warming in the oven. I set the table with champagne flutes and popped the bottle of prosecco purchased 6 months ago. Milk for the coffee was poured into my favorite little milk jug, a strip of bacon was mixed in with the dog’s kibble, and we settled down to a Christmas breakfast. 
It’s a tradition that is rather like a sonnet: there are parameters and conditions, but within them is perfect freedom. 
Condition 1: Must be in pajamas and robes. There is something so luxurious about enjoying a special meal in clothes you would not go to even the dog park in.

Condition 2: Mimosas must be present. Although Heritage Park in Calgary calls it Buck’s fizz, and therefore so do I. If there are small children who, for some reason, can’t have a splash of bubbly, I feel that orange juice and sparkling cider would be delicious.

Condition 3: Scallops and/or bacon. Previous years have brought a variety of vegetarians to my table. It’s a shame they deny themselves the joy of bacon, but hey, all the more for me.

Once these conditions have been met, fill in the blanks as desired. It’s been everything from home brewed cappuccino, regular coffee, Liberte’s mango and passion fruit yogurt (which makes me weak in the knees), slices of panettone with butter, pancakes, and now a chocolate and banana bread pudding.
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An embroidered tablecloth is not optional 

Mark, though, that this is not the feast. That comes later. This is a few choice tidbits to complement the sparkling tree, and the snow and sunshine.


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