Lent: 7 Things

1) My energy levels have been awesome lately, and I feel a lot more clarity of mind. The only time I feel tired is when I'm at work with nothing much to do (better not let my boss know that). Staring at the computer screen for hours, with nothing new even on Facebook makes my brain impatient. But when I go home and walk the dog I feel wide awake. And happy.

2) Perhaps  No. 1 is because I'm now in the zone of this fast. It doesn't feel very weird to be mostly without animal products. In a way it feels like I've always lived this way. I barely miss cheese now. Barely. And sometimes I do get a hankering for chocolate cake... a nice, dark, moist piece that's like cutting through a rich sponge and everything just sticks to your mouth... Haha, so maybe I do miss it more than I thought. But I could almost conceive of a lifestyle where I hardly ever buy meat or sugar.

3) The other awesome thing about the meal plan I talked about last time is that it kind of has built in portion control. It says the recipes make enough for 4, which means I could either have seconds, or have enough for my lunch tomorrow. I hate having to do anything that requires any thought before 10:00AM. At most, I want to push a few buttons. Oh who am I kidding, I really want to be asleep still. Anyway, I have some dinner, and pack away the rest for my lunch for the next day. Done and done.

4) Cooking tofu is becoming less and less an experiment. I've now put in the pan, in the oven and in soup. I flatly refuse to eat tofu ice cream. That is a lie perpetrated to the American public.

5) Since it's Friday and it's snowing and I'm one of 3 employees who showed up to work, and there are no Administrator's I'm going to watch the Daily Show.

6) I have planned my Easter feast about once each and every day. The only constant food item is the dairy. And the meat.

7) 23 more days!


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