Situation Report: 0942

I feel my job is pretty extraordinary and some day I plan to write a book about it. In the meantime, I'll be posting these Situation Reports, and since I've been watching far too much Battlestar Galactica, it's going to be with military titles. Please find the hilarity in my misery.

-Listened to the Captain call out while her 2 clients were standing in front of me, anxiously waiting to see her, no doubt because she said she would save their lives (perhaps not in those words, but no doubt in that implication). It's not the calling out that bugs me so much, as having to break the bad news that, actually, she doesn't care about you as much as you thought she did. Not even a little bit. Resolve to alert Commander and perhaps express how demoralising this is and advise that she not make these promises she has no intent of keeping.

-Encounter client who has been banned almost 11 months ago; his charges being he lied repeatedly to the Captain, and then tried to sell us the food. When I confronted him about this he responded "yeah, but that was like a year ago!" He asked to speak to an officer about this. When the Commander went out to speak with him, he had already left.

-Spoke with woman on the phone for about 25 minutes in which she complained that she had received no letter of thanks for her donation. She had no requested a receipt, so we didn't have an address for her, but insisted that a staff member had taken all her info and personally guaranteed a letter of thanks. Then revealed that this was actually for her son, in the Boy Scouts, and on the Asberger's spectrum. He has been checking the mail box, she told me, every day for the past week. I asked her how many bags of clothes she donated. "Ma'am," she replied, "I donate 60 bags of clothes every week."
I feel I would remember if we got 60 bags of clothing every week.
"To us?" I asked.
"No, to various agencies around the county."
Deep breath. "Okay," I exhaled. "How many bags did you bring us?"

-Discovered a vital program has been deleted, mysteriously and with no warning, from the Sargent's computer.

-Asked by board member where the XO is. Foolishly I reply, "perhaps at the board meeting?"
"No," she says. "I was just there."

-Literally had to pull apart 2 volunteers from pulling each other's hair.

-Complimented on my appearance by the Commander.


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