Things I Miss the Most

Things I Miss the Most:

  1. Dairy. More specifically cheese and yogurt. It’s amazing how many things involve cheese: pizza; tortellini; ravioli; beans on toast; bean burritos; mac and cheese, veggie and cheese wraps/pitas/sandwiches; Parmesan cheese on my spaghetti, milk and butter in my mashed potatoes; mozzarella cheese on eggplant parm sandwiches. I want yogurt with granola, I want some on my baked potato, and I want some Liberte Mediterranean style mango and nectarine yogurt. Some milk, real milk in my tea would be nice. Soy milk, so far is enjoyable with my cereal but I am not nearly ready for a macchiato with soy foam, or a soy shake, or soy smoothie. I put some soy milk in my Darjeeling tea this morning and, while it wasn’t terrible, it also wasn’t quite right.

  2. Granola. You’d think I’d be able to eat it during these 40 days and nights. You’d think this would be the best thing ever because it’s healthy and delicious and on those two counts alone you would be right. Sadly, however, most granola gets its delicious goodness from sugar. I know this because I often make my own granola (it’s ridiculously easy) and a hefty amount of brown sugar gets mixed with some olive oil and nuts and dried cranberries and oats. I have to stop before I drool all over my computer. You know what granola would go wonderfully with? Soy milk.

  3. Pie. I don’t make pie very often, but I suppose since I can’t right now, I’d really like to.

  4. Pancakes. I make a mean pancake breakfast, so really this is my short hand way of saying I miss pancakes, eggs and bacon with maple syrup, Greek yogurt (whole fat, bitches!) with some sliced strawberries. I think that may be my first meal once Lent is over. Ironic, right? I remember from my childhood that Shrove Tuesday meant breakfast for dinner and it was sinfully delicious.

  5. Meat. Surprisingly, I am not currently craving a juicy steak (although the adjective I just used may suggest otherwise). Really, I want chicken. Specifically the chipotle chicken sandwich from the bakery next door. It has cheddar cheese on it.


  1. Anthony Bourdain would describe this as "food porn"


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