5 Things I Have Learned So Far (regarding Lent)

I know it's only been a week, but already, it feels longer.
1) Peanut butter is my new best friend.
2) I am scared of soy milk. I bought a carton and keep telling myself this is the morning I'll have it with some cereal, but I keep reaching for the bagels and peanut butter instead.
3) I could eat corn flakes or rice crispies or cheerios; all of those would be technically more Lent friendly than the Kashi. But, ironically, the Kashi cereal is more nutritionally beneficial so I'm sticking with it.
4) Adam's does a fish fry every Friday. Very handy.
5) Roasting a chicken to eat with friends on a Sunday is one thing, and is technically okay (since I didn't do anything for Shrove Tuesday). Eating the rest of the desert (raspberry fool)in one sitting (in the name of not wasting it), after going to the gym, is not okay and God's wrath shall be visited upon the sinner right around 5:30 in the morning.
I may have missed my calling as a 50's housewife. Dinner on Sunday was Brandy Bacon chicken (meh, I expected more of a brandy candy coating on the skin. Will maybe add brown sugar next time), stuffing, baked potatoes, mint pea and avacado salad (next time I'm going to add a huge dollop of mint sauce to the dressing), wild rice with mushrooms and onions, fried aubergine with mint and pommegranate juice. Desert was the aforementioned raspberry fool and cia bella's mango and blood orange sorbet.
I was impressed with myself, especially Monday night, when, having already ran 2 miles (!) I washed all the dishes, including the roasting pan.
Just leave it to Rosie!

(I look much better than that, actually)


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