London Oct. 26th-27th

Dear Reader,
The fact is, this trip to Turkey and London took place almost a year ago and I'm finding that details are beginning to erode in my memory. London really wasn't the important part anyway. So I'm going to give a brief summary of how Kirsty and I spent the rest of our time together.
It did involve going shopping at All Saint's where I tried on a few dresses and a coat that I still dream over. We went to a pub nearbye that advertised a Sunday roast complete with Yorkshire pudding and two veg (have you ever noticed how Brits are almost incapable of saying the entire word? Like "spag bol," to convey spaghetti Bolognese?). Sadly, Sunday roast seems to be a lunch thing as they were out of it and we had to settle for roast chicken instead (I was not all that impressed by it).
London also involved a champagne flight in the London eye, which I highly recommend. Of course you pay more, *but* you get to jump the long line, have a bloke armed with a bottle of champers (because champagne is just too long) pointing out all the interesting sights below you. And a glass of champagne to get nicely buzzed on.
There was a second try with All Saint's where I did indeed buy a dress and Kirsty bought a t-shirt that I felt she should *never* wear in the United States (Brits just do not get the significance of the Stars and Bars, or how that design has actually *nothing* in common with the Sickle and Hammer). She also found a chandelier that she liked and which the saleslady swore would be an easy electric conversion for Vancouver.
We went to the Tate Modern, bypassing just about all the galleries for the cafe at the top floor and I will state, unabashedly, that it was worth it. There was a huge window running the length of the wall, facing the other bank of the Thames. Rising, seemingly, from the river was the dome of St. Paul's cathedral, and just a few slivers of sunlight were piercing the clouds. The food was not nearly as impressive.
When we had been perusing Notting Hill Gate the day before we found this fantastic movie theatre on Portobello rd. screening Wes Anderson's *The Fantastic Mr. Fox.* Kirsty had purchased tickets and we looked forward to a fun night out in London. It started with dinner at a nice... wine cellar/restaraunt. It was an eatery where the tables are small and crammed together and a certain glass of wine is paired with each course. So, this translates to, roughly, three glasses of wine for dinner. Plus a cocktail, plus a digestive. It was all really quite good and I was quite happy by the time I floated out to the sidewalk. The theatre was within walking distance of the restaraunt, but we simply couldn't find it, or Portobello rd for that matter. We were in what was clearly a residential neighbourhood, completely lost. Thankfully a black Maria cab was cruising by and flagged it like it was a lifeboat.
Two right turns and ten minutes later, we were dropped off at the theatre feeling just a little foolish.
Inside the theatre there was a full bar serving snacks like organic gummy bears and trail mix. The seats were low leather arm chairs with foot rests. This sounds fantastic and had I been sober I would have really revelled in the experience. As it was, I almost fell asleep in the chair.
Honestly, Dear Reader, that's what I remember doing in London. The next day Kirsty and I both had to hoof it to Heathrow's terminal 1 were we had lunch at a noodle bar and another glass of champagne.
Then we both started to cry. Please remember, Dear Reader, Kirsty is my sister. I lived with her until I was about 9 and then she went to college. But I have always thought that she is the coolest person on Earth. Because of her I am a committed fan to Pearl Jam, Radiohead, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers (to name a few) I spent three weeks in Nepal when I was 12 because of her. Most of my clothing has been gifted by her. Now she lives in Vancouver and I get to see her...twice a year. This Turkey vacation with was such an astonishing treat. And now we had to say goodbye until Christmas.
So we hugged and I got in the elevator to be transported to gate B3. She was still in front of the glass elevator doors, waving as it slid down a level.


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